Lil Fred Cammies in "Bumper Car Brujah"

The larp game was fun last Saturday, as a subplot I had simmering on a back burner for a couple months finally came to a satisfying boil. Player characters suddenly realizing that they all are having the same "troubles" with their ghouls, and then getting wrapped up in the best crime-action movie they were not the main stars of... hell, they didn’t even make the opening credits! :P

One player in particular, a Brujah by the name of Dominic, had a bit of a rough night trying to track down these wayward ghouls. Turns out he ran into one, a Lasombra ghoul named Trenton, twice... or more correctly, Trenton ran into him. Twice. With a car.

Playing Bumper Cars With a Brujah

Wil (ST): Okay, so you are downtown, outside a club. Down the street you see the ghoul you are looking for, Trenton. He’s gotten into a car, and is driving.

Dominic: How far away is he? Can I get in front of him?

Wil (ST): Oh, easily. He’s a bit down the way, but it’s a one-way street heading in your direction. What do you want to do?

Dominic: I’m going to stand in the street, see if he slows down.

Wil (ST): He sees you. He recognizes you. He doesn’t slow down... if anything, he’s speeding up.

Dominic: Bastard! Okay, then as he drives past me, I’m going to grab the side of the car.

Wil (ST): He obviously doesn’t like you, as he not only floors it, but actually swerves AT you.

Dominic: Oh. Son of a...



Later that SAME evening...

Wil (ST): Haven’t checked in with you in a while, whatcha doing?

Dominic: Taking to the Seneschal on the phone.

Wil (ST): I thought you were driving somewhere?

Dominic: I am driving. To the North End of the city.

Wil (ST): Anywhere in particular?

Dominic: Not really, just driving. Mostly talking on the phone, trying to figure out what’s going on with the ghouls.

Wil (ST): So what you are telling me is you’re paying complete attention to the road?

Dominic: Uh...

Wil (ST): As you go through an intersection on a green light, al normal, you take a half second from your phone call to glance to your right... just in time to see a car running the red, coming right at you.

Dominic: Don’t suppose I have enough time to react?

Wil (ST): If both your hands had been on the wheel and this wasn’t Surprise, maybe.

Dominic: Nuts. Do I at least get a look at the driver before he creams me?

Wil (ST): Sure. Just before your cars collide, you get a good look at driver. It’s that same ghoul, Trenton.

Dominic: Oh. Son of a...



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